SRC™ Single-Axis

No License Fees Required

src-single-axisSRC™ Single-Axis systems are designed to provide static control of mold balance along, with single-axis intra-cavity control.

Previously only available through a license and design consulting service, SRC inserts are now offered as stand-alone systems or they may be used in conjunction with other Rheological Control Systems™, such as iMARC inserts, to provide a more economical solution to mold filling problems. Optimization of the melt rotations can still be made, but they require removal of the inserts from the mold so that another machining operation can be performed by the user (under the direction of Beaumont Engineers).

In regard to the intra-cavity control, the Single-Axis SRC systems can optimize the location of the high sheared material around the perimeter of a part so that the filling pattern is symmetrical around the centerline of the cavity.



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