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25-300xWhen we sampled our first MeltFlipper mold, the process technicians, tool makers, and engineers wanted to bet me their paychecks that the MeltFlipper technology wouldn’t fix our imbalances. I wish I would have taken them up on it. I could understand their skepticism.

For over a year we had struggled with new runner layouts and designs and different size runners, but nothing helped. I had gone to an NPE in Chicago specifically to learn about MeltFlipper technology. Our mold was an eight-cavity, three-plate mold with three gates per part. Because the part is for a medical assembly it is critical that it be absolutely flat. Before adding the MeltFlipper runner system, the inside cavities packed before the outside runner even filled. The difference is like night and day – we went from having a balance of 5 percent to one of 95 percent. We’ve begun building the next generation of this mold. Because the MeltFlipper technology creates dependable parts, we are increasing cavitation in the new tool to 16 per mold.

Rick Staedter, Chief Process Engineer

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