Plastics News Plastics Caps and Closures 2014 Conference

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John Beaumont gave a great presentation at Plastics News Caps and Closures Conference 2014. The presentation showed how some of the plastic molding industries “best practices” are the source of some of the biggest variable in injection molding today. Attracting the attention of many in the packaging industry, he informed the audience on the development of non-uniform melt properties in injection molding and how it can impact the quality and consistency of their brand new molds. The main message was that these imbalances do exist and they certainly can impact quality. Rather than to continue to construct molds with outdated geometrically balanced runner systems, one can simply incorporate Rheological Control Systems to address the problem upfront during mold design. Finally, Mr. Beaumont showed how fundamental design and tooling flaws can be easily diagnosed, isolated, and resolved.