Opti-Flo® Hot Runner

hot runner systemBeaumont has worked in unison with INCOE® Corporation to produce the industry’s first and only hot runner system that completely eliminates the shear-induced, drop-to-drop variation found within traditional hot runner systems.

Opti-Flo® Hot Runner systems use the same design concepts within their manifold that MeltFlipper® uses in the cold runner to eliminate any variation between cavities. This eliminates the mistake in having to use varying nozzle temperatures to balance filling, providing perfect part-to-part consistency and improved quality with the ability to run faster cycle times.

With the Opti-flo® hot runner manifold, there is no need to purchase additional sensors or controlling/monitoring equipment, nor additional bells or whistles. The Opti-flo® hot runner system is mechanically designed to work within itself.

  • Cycle time reduction
  • No additional equipment required
  • Wider process window
  • Uniform part weights and part dimensions
  • Faster setup time
  • Faster mold and part qualification
  • Scrap reduction
  • Mechanical design provides for consistent results
  • No additional transducers, sensors, monitoring equipment, etc…required
  • Solves imbalances for any material type and grade
  • Free flowing designs (no static mixers required)
  • Low pressure dropINCOE closure Ad

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