Omni Mold Ltd., Singapore

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23-300xOmni Mold needed to build a 48-cavity hot-to-cold runner system to produce a tight tolerance medical device molded component. The high cavitations and the complexity of the mold prompted Omni Mold’s engineers to contact Beaumont Technologies, Inc. (BTI) to provide mold filling and balancing solutions.

As part of the solutions, BTI recommended Incoe’s Opti-Flo hot runner system to control the material flow inside of the manifold and also provided cold runner MeltFlipper technology and CAE mold filling simulation service to control the flow within the cold runner system and part cavities.

Upon first sampling the mold, the benefits were immediately realized as the system started up without any mold filling problems thus saving Omni Mold rework and qualification costs that would otherwise likely to incurred due to the inherent imbalanced cavity to cavity layout as required by the post molding processes. We certainly have learned a great deal working with Beaumont and Incoe, and plan on using them for future projects when it is applicable.

James Lew,
Omni Mold Ltd., Singapore