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MeltFlipper® Used in Over 12 Billion Parts for Customer

Beaumont Technologies, Inc. received a note from Alan Rude, Two Shot Leader / Sr, Process Engineer for ARaymond:

“About 10 years ago, we were introduced to a patented technology called MeltFlipper® from Beaumont Technologies. Beaumont helped us understand the technology by showing us facts about plastic flow, and how it can impact the quality of plastic parts. We have experienced many of the quality issues that Beaumont showed us with other mold case studies. The quality issues were dimensional inconsistencies, under-packed and over-packed cavities, excessive tool wear, and a small process window.

We chose a new 64 cavities fastener mold to incorporate the MeltFlipper® technology. We were looking to reduce runner volume, so we went with a hot runner to cold runner feed system. Beaumont worked with Incoe to incorporate MeltFlipper® in a special hot runner system called Opti-Flo. I consulted with Todd Bresson at Beaumont to help guide us through the process and get the total imbalance to under 3% with all 64 cavities. Beaumont was able to utilize short shot studies with their proprietary software to make minor steel safe changes to the MeltFlipper® design to optimize the runner system.

The mold was built by Precision Die & Machining. We looked at the shot counter, and we have made over 12 BILLION PARTS. Yes, BILLION! This job runs with a larger process window and more consistent part to part dimensions with less tool wear than other jobs without MeltFlipper®. We were also able to run at a faster cycle time versus other non MeltFlipper® jobs. I think it is safe to say that we made our money back on this one.”

Our team at Beaumont loves to see feedback like this. When we hear about the positive impact our MeltFlipper® technology makes for our customers, we know we’re are revolutionizing the injection molding industry.

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Maloney Tool & Mold Inc.

Maloney Tool & Mold Inc. Logo“We tried for three months to balance a mold, and were feeling the pressure from our customer. BTI designed a MeltFlipper runner system that immediately caused all eight cavities to fill evenly, which quickly eased the strain on our customer relationship.

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Moldes Mendoza

4-300x“Our customer was not happy with the core shift and air entrapment problems in their medical syringe parts produced from our four-cavity mold. We unsuccessfully tried to balance the molds by opening the gates and changing the size of the runner.

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King Systems Corp., Plastics Technology Division

6-300x“After installing the MeltFlipper our runner system for a 16-cavity mold that had trouble holding ISO conical dimensions, we are now able to consistently run parts in spec. The MeltFlipper has made the validation of the molding process a breeze. The consistency of the MeltFlipper product has been great. What BTI’s organization has been able to come up with is so simple yet so complex that it is truly amazing.”

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Avaya, Inc.

7-300x“The MeltFlipper technology has completely changed how I look at potential profitability. The benefits I am particularly interested in is cost reduction, a larger processing window, and quality improvement. With the MeltFlipper technology, I was able to use one 16-cavity mold versus multiple low cavitation tools, and enjoy a 28 percent variability improvement.

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Delphi Packard Electric Systems

10-300x“A primary objective at our Cortland facility is running with no blocked cavities. To achieve this goal, we’re putting the best technology into our molds, and the MeltFlipper technology is one of those technologies. It successfully addresses one of the largest factors that cause manufacturing to shut off cavities – defects related to unbalanced cavity filling.

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Lord Corporation

11-300xWe saw a drastic difference when using the MeltFlipper technology. Without any additional work, the MeltFlipper technology reduced our filling imbalance to less than 25% of our original imbalance. I’m recommending that Lord Corp. make the MeltFlipper technology a standard part of all eight cavity molds.

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Mass Tech Mold

12-300x“I was skeptical at first, but when you understand how the MeltFlipper technology works, it makes a lot of sense. When we first installed it in a mold, it solved our imbalance problem instantly. We plan to use it in all our molds with eight or more cavities.”

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