Molding Simulation

Beaumont’s Team of Moldflow® Analysis Experts Will Help You Solve Your Plastic Injection Molding Issues

beaumont molding simulation

Beaumont is the only company in the world that offers Autodesk® Moldflow® simulation services, material characterization, software training, and software sales under one roof.

Why choose Beaumont for your Moldflow Analysis?

When it comes to the use and understanding of molding simulation and analysis in the injection molding process, Beaumont literally wrote the book.

Our team of plastics engineers, including Moldflow® Certified Experts and GM Certified Moldflow® Analysts, have extensive experience combining mold filling analysis and molding simulation with real-world molding practices.

molding simulationOur advanced knowledge of polymer flow, injection molding, and melt delivery optimization combined with a comprehensive understanding simulation software enables Beaumont to provide comprehensive Moldflow® analysis services quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

Every simulation project includes a comprehensive report detailing potential problems along every step of your part’s manufacturing process.

Beaumont runs thousands of simulation analyses every year – trust your analysis to the industry’s leaders in plastic flow knowledge.

Our Molding Simulation expertise includes:

    • Thermoplastic Injection Molding
    • Thermoplastic Overmolding
    • Gas-assisted Injection Molding
    • Powder Injection Molding
    • Reactive Molding
    • Microchip Encapsulation
    • Thermoplastic Injection Compression Molding

    • Thermoplastic Compression Molding
    • Reactive Injection Compression Molding
    • Reactive Compression Molding
    • Thermoplastic Compression Overmolding
    • Thermoplastic Injection Compression Overmolding

    • Multiple-barrel Thermoplastic Injection Molding
    • Chemical Foam Molding
    • Venting Analysis
    • Core Shift Analysis
    • Fiber Orientation


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