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If you run multi-cavity molds, you should be using Molding Genius. Period.

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What is Molding Genius?

Easy data entry modules allow you to evaluate your mold filling imbalances quickly.

Molding Genius is a software developed by Beaumont Technologies. This method has been designed to quickly and easily determine mold imbalances and display the results in easy to understand bar graphs.

It uses short shot weight information to determine the balance of a mold.

This software delivers critical data that is much more useful than what a standard short shot balance test would provide. Not only does it tell you the magnitude of the mold filling imbalance, but also what the source of the imbalance is, allowing you to more quickly and easily troubleshoot your parts.

Molding Genius grew out of Beaumont’s 5step software. The method has moved beyond five steps and now has increased functionality and a greatly improved user interface.


How Does It Work?

Molding Genius utilizes the principles of plastic flow to narrow down the cause of filling imbalances into two categories:


A variation caused by plastic shear heating as it flows through a runner system. Shear variations are not the fault of processing nor tooling, and therefore neither of these items will solve the problem. Beaumont’s MeltFlipper can control shear variations and provide uniform balance to all cavities.


A catch all term used to describe a physical imperfection within the tool or press. Common steel variations include variations in gates, runners, vents, cavity geometry, cold slugs, nozzle blockage, and hot runner variations.

When you review your data, you will know the source of your issue and can move on to fixing the problem instead of spending more time searching for the root cause.

Graphical representation of Shear Variations displayed in Molding Genius software.


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Graphical representation of steel variations across flow groups shown in Molding Genius.

Why Use It?

Molding Genius has a number of benefits. It can help you:

  • Reduce mold commissioning time
  • Get parts to market faster
  • Easily identify filling variation issue
  • Troubleshoot molds quickly and easily
  • Elevate mold qualification standards
  • Root causes of mold filing imbalances identified from the first shot
  • Share data across your entire company with ease
  • Share data and ask questions with the experts at Beaumont

This software provides more data, in a more useful format, with the same amount of work as a traditional mold balance study.


Most mold cavity layouts are pre-programmed into the software for ease of data entry.

When Should You Use It?

If you are running multi-cavity molds, you should be using Molding Genius.

The software can be used on both new mold startups and existing problematic molds. It can easily be implemented into your mold maintenance procedure, and can also dramatically improve your mold qualification timelines.

You should use Molding Genius during:

  • Mold qualification
  • Mold maintenance and checkups
  • Problem diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Any time you are evaluating cavity filling balance


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