Autodesk Moldflow and more Injection Molding Solutions for the Medical Industry

injection molding solutions medicalThe Beaumont Family of Companies can help you with Autodesk Moldflow simulation and software, engineering, injection molding, and educational support.

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We can help you improve your:

  • Part consistency
  • Part quality
  • Mold commissioning time
  • Part failure rates
  • Process windows
  • Employee skills gap
  • And much more!

In life- and health-critical industries,
your choice of product and service providers
is paramount to your success.

Beaumont is the only location in the world that offers Autodesk Moldflow simulation analysis, software training, material characterization, and software sales all under one roof.

We are home to industry firsts and unique innovations, and our molding team possesses an unrivaled level of education. Our experience and expertise, in conjunction with the wide breadth of services we provide, enable Beaumont to be a true strategic partner for the advancement of your company.

Whether you need engineering support to make your plastic medical part better, are looking for someone to make your part for you, or want to be educated on how to make your own part better — from part concept to reality — we can help.

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Autodesk Moldflow

autodesk moldflow simuation medicalBeaumont is the only location in the world that offers Autodesk Moldflow simulation analysis, software training, material characterization, and software sales under one roof.

With greater simulation prediction comes greater part quality and decrease time to market. When it comes to the use and understanding of molding simulation and analysis in the injection molding process, Beaumont literally wrote the book.

Our team of plastics engineers, including Moldflow Certified Experts and GM Certified Moldflow Analysts, have extensive experience combining mold filling analysis and molding simulation with real-world molding practices.

Our advanced knowledge of polymer flow, injection molding, and melt delivery optimization combined with a comprehensive understanding simulation software enables Beaumont to provide comprehensive Moldflow analysis services quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.

Beaumont, in close cooperation with Autodesk and their development group, offers Moldflow’s highest level “Gold” certification material characterization tests. These tests include both specialized proprietary Autodesk methods as well as more conventional material characterization techniques. With greater pressures on the performance and manufacturing requirements today, it is important to decrease the time in development and the number of iterations during mold conditioning. With accurate material characterization, you the user will be able to realize greater accuracy in simulation prediction in manufacturability of the design, the process design, through to part performance.

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Education and Training

training for medicalBeaumont’s American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute is a unique, research-driven institution that integrates education and research with practical application. All of our research is tested and woven through a real-world production environment, and then we integrate what we learned back into our educational programs.

We offer a training programs for engineers, molders, process techs, and nearly every other functional area within your company. We have a catalog of online courses ideal for today’s current environment where travel is challenging.

We believe that regardless of job function, every employee should be knowledgeable about the four key pillars of injection molding: plastic materials, mold design, processing, and part design. All of our programs are focused around these core disciplines.

We are also home to the industry’s FIRST and ONLY ANSI-Accredited training program.

For critical industries, training matters more.

An ANSI-CAP accreditation is to a certificate program what an ISO certification is to a manufacturing operation.
Why wouldn’t you hold your employees’ education to the same standard as your manufacturing operations?

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Plastic Injection Molding

medical injection moldingThe education and expertise of our molding team at Beaumont Advanced Processing is unrivaled in the industry: 70%+ are degreed plastics engineers.

We can troubleshoot your most challenging molding projects, or work with you to optimize new or existing processes.

We can help you with:

• Production injection molding
• Product development
• Mold sampling, including IQ, OQ, POQ, and PQ validation
• Mold design and engineering
• Material selection and characterization
• On-site consultation

Our shot sizes range from 0.1 oz to 20.86oz on 3 to 330 Ton presses. We can seamlessly integrate Moldflow simulation and DFM into any injection molding project by partnering with Beaumont’s simulation team.

ISO 9001:2015   |   ISO 13485:2016   |   ISO Class 8 Cleanroom

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