Moldflow® Material Characterization

Beaumont Advanced Processing offers plastic material characterization and data fitting services that are required for the successful application of Autodesk’s® Moldflow® and Helius® software packages. Beaumont, in close cooperation with Autodesk and their development group, offer Moldflow’s highest level “Gold” certification material characterization tests. These tests include both specialized proprietary Autodesk methods as well as more conventional material characterization techniques.

With greater pressures on the performance and manufacturing requirements today, it is important to decrease the time in development and the number of iterations during mold conditioning. With accurate material characterization, you the user will be able to realize greater accuracy in simulation prediction in manufacturability of the design, the process design, through to part performance. With greater simulation prediction comes greater part quality and decrease time to market.

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Standard Test Pack Options (available in single orders or in multiples of 5)

  • Autodesk Moldflow Filling (MPL-110)
  • Autodesk Moldflow Filling and Packing (MPL-125)
  • Autodesk Moldflow Filling, Packing, Shrinkage and Warpage (non-CRIMS/STAMP model) (MPL-130)
  • Autodesk Moldflow Filling, Packing, and Shrinkage (MPL-135)
  • Autodesk Moldflow Filling, Packing, Shrinkage, and Warpage (MPL-150)

Add-on tests available

  • Pressure Dependent Viscosity by Injection Molding Rheometer
  • High Shear Viscosity by Injection Molding Rheometer

*Note: Individual Test options also available.