MeltFlipper® Inserts

Beaumont’s patented MeltFlipper® inserts provide flexibility to move technology from mold to mold.

Beaumont’s engineering team will review your mold design and provide you with an insert designed to work with your specific application. Each insert will arrive with the correct MeltFlipper geometry already intact.meltflipper® insert

Inserts can be used for cavity to cavity balance control in multi-cavity molds or even changing filling patterns in single cavity molds. MeltFlipper® inserts provide flexibility and potential savings for you because each insert can be moved from mold to mold as needed.

Both static and adjustable MeltFlipper inserts are available, and we can help you determine the best insert option.

MeltFlipper inserts are compatible with both new and existing tools.

Watch MeltFlipper control and improve weld lines:

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