MeltFlipper® is scientifically proven to reduce plastic injection molding issues, maximize efficiency, promote faster time to market, and produce more quality-consistent parts. Guaranteed.


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What Is a MeltFlipper Runner?

MeltFlipper is a unique, patented runner design that influences plastic flow to promote uniformity and higher quality in your molded products. This runner design helps an injection mold perform to its highest capability, enabling you to get the most out of your injection mold by controlling the variations that occur naturally during injection molding.

MeltFlipper is compatible with both new and existing molds and guarantees improved performance and consistency within your molding process by maximizing uniformity, performance, consistency, and sustainability.





Why Use a MeltFlipper Runner?

Did you know several of the most common  injection molding problems start within the runner system? The industry has historically tried to fix many of these issues by tweaking gate and runner sizes or temperature zones in hot runners, but these solutions fail to account for shear-induced imbalances.

Using MeltFlipper to control shear-induced imbalances will eliminate many of your common molding issues, including:



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MeltFlipper Solutions

MeltFlipper runners are compatible with new and existing tools in nearly all injection molding applications in the industry.

MeltFlipper® Design Service

Beaumont will custom engineer a MeltFlipper Runner System for your tool with complete instructions for design implementation and lifetime licensing for your MeltFlipper.


MeltFlipper® for Hot Runners

Beaumont has teamed up with INCOE Corporation to provide MeltFlipper solutions for your hot runner system.

MeltFlipper® for Single Cavity Tools

MeltFlipper can control filling patterns in your single cavity tools to eliminate gas traps, burning, weld lines, and warpage issues before they start.

MeltFlipper in the Industry

MeltFlipper users come from many industries and manufacture parts with a wide variety of injection molding challenges.

Where Does Your ROI Come From?

MeltFlipper has improved the performance of tens of thousands of molds, including the following:




MeltFlipper GuaranteeBeaumont MeltFlipper Guarantee

We stand behind every MeltFlipper mold. If MeltFlipper does not perform as expected for any given mold, we will refund your service cost 100%.




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1. MeltFlipper license registrations on file at Beaumont.


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