MeltFlipper® Design Services

product-melt-flipperMeltFlipper® Design Services provides custom static design solutions for each application

MeltFlipper® runner technology can be cut into new or existing molds. Engineers at Beaumont use MeltFlipper® Design Services to create the correct MeltFlipper® runner geometry based off of the customer’s material and tool design. That MeltFlipper® design is then sent to the customer to be cut into the mold. Once implemented, that mold is then licensed with MeltFlipper® technology for the life of the tool. Every mold that incorporates MeltFlipper® technology is required to be tracked and licensed individually. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee when MeltFlipper® is used correctly. Single cavity MeltFlipper® designs are referred to as MeltFlipperMAX

meltflipper® design

Although MeltFlipper® designs may be retrofitted into existing molds, global leading companies are now sensitized to the fact that imbalances will occur in any new mold they are building and therefore have standardized on MeltFlipper® technologies in the initial mold design stage to eliminate the problems upfront.

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