MeltFlipper® Insert Options

Beaumont’s patented MeltFlipper® insert options provide flexibility to move technology from mold to mold

Beaumont provides MeltFlipper® insert options with the correct MeltFlipper® geometry already cut into it. After the customer receives the insert, they simply cut the mold to fit the new insert with the MeltFlipper® runner design. MeltFlipper® inserts come in both non-adjustable (SRC™ insert) and adjustable (iMARC™ insert) options. The adjustable inserts provide customer with the ability to control where and how the high-sheared material laminants flow within the part. This provides the ability to completely change how the part fills without changing gating location, process settings, or any other MeltFlipper® inserts provide flexibility and potential savings for the customer because the insert can be moved from mold to mold as needed. Licensing and tracking are not required.


meltflipper® insert


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