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AIM Institute Training Program Earns Accreditation

molders series accreditationBeaumont’s American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute is proud to announce that its Molders’ Series has earned ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Accreditation, the largest accreditation body in North America.

AIM is now home to the only four ANAB-Accredited training programs in the injection molding industry: Molding 1, Molding 2, Molding 3, and our Plastics Technology and Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program.

Now, everyone that successfully completes a Molders’ Series course at AIM will be earning an internationally recognized ANAB-Accredited certificate.

Why Accreditation?

AIM achieving and maintaining accreditation requires a substantial commitment to meet the strict ANSI/ASTM E2659 standards. We have made this commitment because accreditation is an essential part of providing high-value education and training, as well as an exceptional student experience. In fact, over 80% of people we surveyed stated that they place a higher value on educational providers who have a formal third-party accreditation.

How We Comply

To comply with these standards, we are required to define specific learning objectives that are traceable back to course content and exam questions. We also employ psychometrics and statistical analysis to develop passing scores for each exam. In addition, every exam question and skills assessment test are tracked and scrutinized for fairness and effectiveness to ensure a quality evaluation of the student’s knowledge and skills.

Another key differentiator of AIM’s accredited programs is our Advisory Board, which consists of more than 25 different companies from the injection molding industry. Each member brings specific knowledge and skill sets that represent the primary disciplines within our industry. Our board meets regularly to review the educational content, assessment methods, learning objectives, program formats, and much more to ensure that our programs fully meet the needs of our industry.

The Advisory Board’s commitment to what AIM is providing to the industry truly sets us apart from other injection molding training programs.

If you are ready to take your injection molding training to the next level, start here at AIM.

You can learn more about the Molders’ Series programs here.

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Why You Should Educate and Train Your Non-Technical Personnel

Why You Should Educate and Train Your Non-Technical Personnel

By: David Hoffman, Director of the AIM Institute

Before we get too far along, we need to define what we mean by non-technical personnel. For the purpose of this article, we will define them as those who have not had some level of formal education, training, or experience in engineering, designing, or manufacturing of plastic parts or injection molds. In most companies, that leaves your sales and marketing teams, but could also include various other roles/job titles depending on their specific function within your organization.

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Seaquist Closures

17-300xThere were a good number of takeaways from the course, and it was definitely worth the trip. Beaumont has much to offer the industry, so please exercise discretion, and don’t let my competition know about your training seminars.

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Innovative Injection Technologies

28-300x“I found the training to be of great value. Our initial discussions on foundational plastic flow characteristics, pressure drop, shear rate, Reynolds number and MFI vs. Capillary Rheometer curves led the way.

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Caplugs, Inc.

31-300x“I found this Beaumont course very informative. I was amazed at the amount of expertise and knowledge presented in just two days. Many myths were debunked, numerous scientific explanations for the way we should be thinking about plastic flow were given, and various real-world examples were used to show how plastic flows, in addition to discussing the differences in runner sizes and shapes.

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Thogus Products, Inc.

32-300x“Of all the training seminars that I have attended over the past 10 years, this one ranks at the top! The explanations of clamp tonnage, cooling strategies, viscosity, and key mold design components are just a few of the takeaways that will be very useful in my job function.”

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High Point Products, Inc.

35-300xAs the owner of a small mold making shop and a toolmaker by trade, I wasn’t sure I would see much benefit from this course. But I definitely walked away with a higher appreciation of plastic mold design & engineering details, and how my mold manufacturing process can affect the process and part quality.

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36-300xI have been in the business for 20 years and am a huge scientific molding advocate. Beaumont’s The “Mold Startup, Debug and Qualification” course definitely gave a new perspective on how I approach validations.

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