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Viscosity, Part 3- Therma-flo™

In the previous two tech tips, we began a three part discussion on how our industry looks at the viscosity of a polymer. We reviewed capillary rheometers and melt flow index machines up to this point. We pointed out various benefits and flaws for each method. Now we are going to take a look at a newer approach to evaluating a polymer’s viscosity called Therma-flo™.

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Hot Runner Considerations, Part 3

The Tech Tip about Tips

For this tech tip the focus will be on the actual hot tip itself which will include those tips used in full direct gated hot runner systems and hot-to-cold runner systems (one or more hot drops feeding a cold runner system).

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Cold Runner Design: Attention to Details, Part 3

Sizing Up Your Runner System

The topic of runner sizing always comes up during our plastics education courses. Everyone wants a magic formula for sizing every runner for every mold regardless of machine capabilities, pressure to fill the part, cycle time requirements and packing. So let’s take a look at various methods people use for sizing runner systems.

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