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Determining Flow Groups in Multi-Cavity Molds, Part II

Determining the Regions of the Mold

In the last tech tip, we discussed determining patterns within the mold in order to analyze “random” filling patterns and how to determine flow groups.  This tech tip will discuss how to determine regions in the mold.

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Determining Flow Groups in Multi-Cavity Molds, Part I

Often times when we hear that there is a random filling imbalance related to a random part quality issue, we are skeptical that the problem is truly “random”.  A majority of molds that we are asked to look at often times have a pattern to the data, and therefore, a common root cause behind the associated problems. These patterns may be a result of either non-uniform shear heating variations or steel related issues that affect a certain set of cavities. In order to first determine if there is a pattern, we need to break down a mold into flow groups and regions. By determining flow groups in a mold, not only can a person more easily find the true imbalance but it is also easier to determine the source(s) of the imbalances.

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