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Hot Runner Considerations, Part 3

The Tech Tip about Tips

For this tech tip the focus will be on the actual hot tip itself which will include those tips used in full direct gated hot runner systems and hot-to-cold runner systems (one or more hot drops feeding a cold runner system).

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Hot Runner Considerations, Part 2

There are many suppliers of hot runner systems with each offering different features based on the performance you want to achieve. We touched on this subject in a previous Tech Tip, however, not all topics could be covered in one tip. The purpose of this Tech Tip is to highlight the importance of an aggressive and diligent quality effort and how those checks can contribute to the operational performance, or lack thereof, of the hot runner system.

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Hot Runner Considerations, Part 1

The requirements and topics of interest regarding hot runner systems and their suppliers vary to some degree from a mold manufacturer’s perspective versus those of the injection molder. Mold makers are often concerned about price, delivery, and quality…all of which are important considerations that benefit the mold and the mold maker’s reputation.

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