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iMARC™ Multi-Axis systems are designed to provide a high level of intra-cavity flow control within both single and multi-cavity molds.

The dynamic control of the melt’s rheology allows a user to install the iMARC system and optimize the filling pattern without ever taking the mold out of the press.

iMARC Multi-Axis systems allow users to turn the plastic melt inside-out and sideways if needed, thereby placing the high sheared laminates in a strategic location throughout the entire cross-section of a part, unlike Single-Axis iMARC systems.

  • Dynamic Control of Filling Patterns

Figures 1A through 1D show several filling patterns achieved with the iMARC Multi-Axis system on a single cavity, single-gated mold. Figure 1A shows the typical filling pattern using a traditional runner system without any rheological control. Figures 1B through 1D show different filling patterns achieved by controlling the plastic rheology before the melt enters the cavity. The filling pattern is fully optimizable to meet a specific part quality goal, thereby enhancing the overall part quality and mold efficiency. All of this control can be achieved without changing gate location, part geometry, processing conditions, and without ever taking the mold out of the press.

By providing the ability to alter filling patterns, iMarc Multi-Axis systems also provide the ability to move weld lines and gas traps, thereby increasing part quality through improved part strength and other defect reduction (see Figures 2A and 2B).

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