5Step Process™ Software Overview

5 Step Process™ Software is now web-based to make it easier to analyze mold imbalances!

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The software is a user-friendly template driven system. This allows the user to easily select his or her runner layout. Once selected, the user inputs various information regarding the mold and part.

Once the short shot data is entered into the analysis page, the software will separate any variations into the two main sources of filling imbalances: steel variations and shear-induced variations.

Steel variation is a generic term used to describe variations within each particular Flow Group that are not related to shear imbalances. Some examples of steel variations, but are not limited to, include:

  • Runner sizes and lengths
  • Gate size and gate land geometry
  • Venting
  • Wall thicknesses
  • Tool wear
  • Machine performance

The top graphs of each analysis represent the Steel Variations for the mold being analyzed. The number of flow groups within the mold layout (as predetermined by the software) will dictate the number of steel variation graphs in the report.

At the bottom of each report is a summary graph of each cavity and Flow Group. This graph helps to show the relative short shot weight from Flow Group to Flow Goup. The data below the graph indicates the amount and location of the shear-induced imbalances.

The top value in the shear imbalance section is the Maximum Shear Imbalance (MSI). This value is an indication of the overall shear imbalance. The columns below the MSI value further separate the shear imbalance into subgroups.

The average weight of each Flow Group is provided to the left and right of the shear imbalance value. By looking at the average weights of the Flow Groups and the corresponding shear imbalance value, the user can identify the performance, or lack of, Rheological Control Systems and decide if melt rotation needs to be added, increased or decreased.

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