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Determine the source of your mold imbalance!

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The 5Step Process™ Systematic Mold Balance Analysis software is a template-driven database software designed to take the mystery out of diagnosing mold filling and part quality variations. Used for new mold start-ups or problematic existing molds, the data provided by the software will aid in reducing the mold approval/commissioning time and the overall time to market, particularly when used in conjunction with Rheological Control Systems.

The software does most of the work for you by automatically identifying “Flow Groups” for each runner design, and it generates a one-page report quickly and easily so that you can focus on resolving the root causes to the problems identified by the software.

Once you experience the value of the 5 Step Process™ software, we are sure you’ll agree that it should be an integral part of any mold start-up procedures.

  • Faster time to market
  • Filling variation issues and root causes identified right from the first shot
  • Mold troubleshooting done quickly and easily
  • Improves mold qualification standards
  • Fast ROI
  • Self-contained database for easy file management
  • Used for hot and cold runner molds
  • Automatic report generator
  • Snapshot feature for file sharing
  • Standard mold layouts from 2 through 64 cavities
  • Share data across company accounts with multiple logins

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