Determine the source of your Mold Filling Imbalance with Beaumont’s mold diagnostic software

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What is 5Step?

5Step is a method developed by Beaumont Technologies that uses short shot weight information to determine the filling balance of a mold AND the source of any mold filling imbalance. The 5Step method has been designed as a standalone software that automates the method to quickly and easily show a person mold filling imbalance data in easy to understand bar graphs. 5Step is a real time saver and it delivers critical data that is much more useful than what a standard short shot balance test would provide. Not only does it tell you the magnitude of the mold filling imbalance, but also what the source of the imbalance is!

How does it work?

The 5Step software automatically break down a mold layout into “Flow Groups”. A flow group is a collection of cavities that all receive the same material properties due to shear heating variations. A user then enters the cavity ID map of a particular along with the weights of molded short shots. The software will then determine the mold filling imbalance and also show if the imbalance is due to a steel variation within the mold or a variation due to shear heating.


  • Reduce mold commissioning time
  • Gets parts to market faster
  • Easily identify filling variation issue
  • Troubleshoot molds quickly and easily
  • Elevate mold qualification standards
  • Use on both new mold startups and existing problematic molds
  • Can easily be implemented into your mold maintenance procedure
  • Root causes of mold filing imbalances identified from the first shot
  • Share data across your entire company with ease
  • Share data and ask questions with the experts at Beaumont


  • Self-contained database for easy file management
  • Use for both hot or cold runner molds
  • Automatic report generator
  • Snapshot feature for file sharing
  • Over 50 of the mold common mold runner layouts used in the industry today
  • Never lose data due to cloud storage and back up

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I be collecting my short shots?

There are a few important items to remember when collecting short shots

  • Set up the current standard process for that particular mold
  • Remove hold pressure. You only want to fill under first stage injection
  • Change the shot size or transfer position until the most filled cavity is 80% filled of less. You do not want any cavity to be close to being 100% filled.
  • Collect 3 or more short shots to ensure to you have shot to shot repeatability

What is a flow group?

A flow group is a collection of cavities that all receive the same material properties due to shear heating variations. They are determined by the flow history of the runners leading to the cavities. The software automatically breaks down the mold into flow groups so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself.

What is a shear imbalance?

A shear imbalance is an imbalance in the mold due to shear heating variations. An imbalance between cavities of different flow groups is generally a shear imbalance. To correct a shear imbalance, Beaumont’s MeltFlipper® technology can be used.

What is a steel imbalance?

Steel imbalances are imbalances that are due to anything that is not related to shear, usually there are imperfections in the mold steel itself. Common examples of steel imbalances are:

  • Differences in gate size or land
  • Differences in runner sizes
  • Venting differences
  • Cavity / Core dimension differences between cavities
  • Inadequate cold slug wells
  • Hot runner thermocouples misreading or malfunctioning
  • And many more

By reviewing the graphs on the results page of 5Step a person can narrow down which steel variation is the source of the imbalance in a tool.

How much does the online 5Step software cost?

5Step comes on a subscription basis at a cost of $294 annually (See additional pricing here).

If my subscription runs out do I lose my data?

No, the data is saved indefinitely and you can reactivate your account at anytime.

What if my runner layout is not within the 5Step directory?

Contact Beaumont and they will point you to a substitute layout to use or create a new layout based on your mold.

What training/education is available?

The 5step software itself is very easy to use. Beaumont provides an online walk thru of the program that will take approximately 30 minutes. To learn more about the 5Step method itself consider AIM Institute‘s development course “Mold Start-up, Debug, & Qualification”. (Recommended for first time users)

Please contact us for more information.


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