Beaumont’s MeltFlipper® Cited In SPE’s Molding Views Publication

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Balanced filling article by Mark Yeager, engineering consultant at Bayer MaterialScience, touts John Beaumont’s mold flow discovery and rheological control technologies.

ERIE, PA — Beaumont Technologies, a global plastics engineering leader, is featured in a recent article in the Spring 2014 edition of Molding Views, a publication of the Injection Molding Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Titled “Balanced Filling in Thermoplastic Medical Molding” the article is authored by Mark Yeager, principal engineer and engineering consultant with Bayer MaterialScience.

In explaining the challenges of plastics mold fill balance, Yeager explained that John Beaumont, injection molding pioneer and inventor of MeltFlipper® and other industry patents, determined that since melt viscosity is temperature dependent, the temperature differences that occur as melt flow splits within gate runners creates a filling imbalance.

To remedy this, Yeager said that Dr. Beaumont devised inserts to modify the runner branch intersections and rotate the hot and cool sides 90 degrees so equal amounts of hot and cool material enter each part cavity. Known as MeltFlipper®, this technology can be purchased and licensed from Beaumont Technologies.

Headquartered in Erie, Pa., Beaumont Technologies is the pioneer and world leader of in-mold rheological control technologies for plastics injection molding. The inventor of MeltFlipper® and other technologies, Beaumont provides a broad range of plastics engineering services, including design consultancy, molding simulation and industry education.

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