Beaumont Technologies’ “Evaluating Fill Times” Among Top 3 Most Viewed Articles Of 2013

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Pioneer and world leader in in-mold rheological control technologies garners attention with new approaches for evaluating fill times for injection molding.

ERIE, PA – Plastics Technology, the leading trade publication dedicated to improving plastics processing in North America, has cited an article from Erie-based Beaumont Technologies among its Top 3 most viewed for 2013.

Authored by Beaumont’s John Beaumont and David Hoffman, the article proposed new approaches for optimizing the injection molding process. The two plastics engineering experts’ insights appeared in the August 2013 issue of Plastics Technology.

“One of the important process parameters to establish and record for any injection molded part is its injection or fill time,” said Beaumont. “Our research revealed the limitations of popularly taught methods of establishing this critical parameter.”

“The successful production of plastics parts is heavily dependent on process techniques applied by an injection molder,” said Beaumont. “As part of our ongoing research, we discovered a significant flaw in one of the most widely taught and practiced molding methods. This discovery should help break the industry from a regimented process and spur development of new, more scientifically based methods.”

President and CEO of Beaumont Technologies, Beaumont also is a professor and former chairman of the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Penn State Erie. He founded the university’s Plastics CAE Center and has written several books, including the Runner and Gating Handbook and Successful Injection Molding.

David Hoffman is the senior instructor and training development manager at Beaumont, where he co-invented the MeltFlipper® multi-axis rheological control technology. He is a 20-year industry veteran with experience in part design, processing, and mold design/manufacturing.