Beaumont Development Testimonial: GreenLeaf Industries

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Our team of plastics engineers, including Moldflow® Certified Experts and GM Certified Moldflow® Analysts, have extensive experience combining mold filling analysis and molding simulation with real-world molding practices. Recently, the team had the opportunity to work with GreenLeaf Industries on a warp analysis project. CEO Lawrence Segrest shares about his experience with Beaumont Development:

The challenge: GreenLeaf Industries had a customer with demanding tolerances for part flatness: 0.008″ change across the entire part. The part is large at 8″x8″, thin, and square- a formula for flatness problems. The product is a consumer good, so the visual appearance was also very important. Due to part design, the injection had to be on the visual side of the part, which forced a decision for valve gate hot runner injection. The part design also required a floating plate solution on the hot runner side of the part, creating complexities and mold wear considerations.

The question: Will part flatness be adequate with a single center inject, or will we have to use 4 injection points to achieve the required part flatness? The preference for the sake of visual appearance, hot runner cost, and mold complexity was for a single injection solution.

The solution: David Corsi went through numerous variations of changes to cooling water, variable cooling (a-side vs b-side vs slides) and explored BeCu material in the part corners and in the slides. We ultimately had to add additional ribbing to reduce warpage in the corners. GreenLeaf’s customer was amenable to additional ribs on the non-visual side, so part design was directed by Beaumont’s results. While flatness was greatly improved, the flatness specification was still not met according to Beaumont Development’s modeling- regardless of cooling temps, variable cooling, and strategically locating BeCu in the part corners. Finally, a four injection point solution was tested, and the resulted flatness simulation showed we were in specification.

The results: The part design was tweaked due to Beaumont’s input and a decision for four injection locations was made. As a result, the part design and hot runner designs were corrected, and the mold design was corrected without cutting a single piece of steel, thus saving thousands of dollars and weeks of delay and frustration from our customer. From the very first moments, the parts coming off the brand new mold were very flat and within the tight spec limit. GreenLeaf’s customer is happy!

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