Autodesk® Moldflow® Training Courses

Beaumont is the only location IN THE WORLD where you can find Autodesk® Moldflow® simulation services, material characterization, and software training under one roof.

All education and training programs are conducted through Beaumont’s subsidiary, the American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute, an Authorized Autodesk® Moldflow® Training Center. Our Moldflow® training is led by our team of Moldflow® Certified Experts and GM Certified Moldflow® Analysts.

We also have online training options for your Moldflow Insight training.

Autodesk® Moldflow® Training

The AIM Institute was founded by John Beaumont, Plastics Hall-of-Famer and former chair of the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Penn State Erie, which he also helped develop and establish.

Every program offered at AIM is based on the latest research available, much of which is conducted within our own walls. AIM works very closely with our customers, including those of our parent company Beaumont Technologies, to understand the industry’s knowledge gaps and develop educational content that fills those needs.

The centerpiece of the AIM Institute is the ANAB-Accredited Plastics Technology & Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program for practicing plastics professionals. For processors and technicians, the Molders’ Series provides hands-on training. The institute also offers professional development courses in plastics materials, mold design, processing, and part design.

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