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Case Study: How Beaumont Helped Take the SideQuest from Design to Market


Since 1998, Beaumont has been operating and growing to improve the injection molding industry. From transformative patented technologies like MeltFlipper® to training, production, material characterization, and simulation services provided by unmatched in-house teams, Beaumont has served the industry for over 25 years. While plastics companies, workforces, manufacturers, and OEMs make up the majority of our customers, we also have the opportunity to support startups and individual entrepreneurs in need of plastics knowledge and application.

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Beaumont Sponsors SPE PlastiVan® Visit at Local Elementary School

We recently sponsored a visit from the SPE PlastiVan® at a local elementary school in Harborcreek, PA. Educator John Fellenstein presented lively demonstrations and hands-on activities to several 3rd and 6th grade classes, teaching students about the history, chemistry, processing, and sustainability of plastics, as well as future career opportunities within the plastics industry.

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Beaumont Development Testimonial: GreenLeaf Industries

Our team of plastics engineers, including Moldflow® Certified Experts and GM Certified Moldflow® Analysts, have extensive experience combining mold filling analysis and molding simulation with real-world molding practices. Recently, the team had the opportunity to work with GreenLeaf Industries on a warp analysis project. CEO Lawrence Segrest shares about his experience with Beaumont Development:

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Beaumont and the AIM Institute Partner with Fordham Plastics to Provide Representation in the Southeast Region

Injection molding industry leader Beaumont is partnering with Fordham Plastics Equipment Corporation to represent its companies in the Southeast United States. The partnership will provide face-to-face support to Beaumont’s customers through Fordham Plastics’ established rep team. Current and prospective customers of Beaumont and students of the AIM Institute will benefit from this additional representation in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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How to Properly Size a Runner System

Cold runner systems, which bridge the molding machine to a part forming cavity, are a significant factor in determining the success or failure of an injection molded part. Optimally sizing a runner system provides several critical advantages:

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