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“Runner and Gating Design Handbook” Translated to Czech Language

John Beaumont’s book, Runner and Gating Design Handbook: Tools for Successful Injection Molding, is a globally known industry staple– and it just got more accessible. Already published in both English and German, Runner and Gating Design Handbook is now available in the Czech language thanks to the work of Jan Svoboda, CEO of JAN SVOBODA s.r.o.

JAN SVOBODA was founded in 1995 with the mission of searching the world for the best in injection molding and providing it under one company in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. By working with 17 companies across four continents, JAN SVOBODA aims to provide customers with the best technology and solutions for their manufacturing needs upfront, minimizing the waste of time and money that comes with using inferior products.

“Simply put: for our clients, we are a highly specialized R&D centre that finds and offers parts, machines, and tools for highly-efficient production of plastic parts with no downtime, minimal power consumption and minimal rejects for common, less common, and very special applications,” said Svoboda.

Translating technical content is no easy feat– so why did Svoboda decide to translate John Beaumont’s book? It comes down to one concept: knowledge is power. Svoboda believes that knowledge is the key to solving customers’ issues while allowing them to operate to their full potential. “We do more [than just] selling semi-finished goods and machines. We help our clients make more money through knowledge,” said Svoboda. He went on to explain that a few of his employees and many clients are not fluent in English, and his translation of Runner and Gating Design Handbook will make John Beaumont’s expertise and knowledge more accessible. Beaumont and Svoboda’s shared philosophy and value of knowledge made the perfect collaboration.

Svoboda visited the United States to meet Beaumont and discuss the translation of Runner and Gating Design Handbook. “John’s book influenced me a lot. That is why I flew to the USA to visit him personally and thank him for his decision to write and publish his book,” wrote Svoboda. “During this visit,” he continued, “we exchanged knowledge and experiences, and it was at this point I decided to translate the book so that our partners/customers could also benefit from this increased knowledge.”

John Beaumont was on board with Svoboda’s translation project. “It has been great working with Jan and his team over the past several years to get this book translated into the Czech language. During this time, and through the height of COVID, we had regular communications to make sure the book’s content was correctly translated,” said Beaumont. “They did an outstanding job by asking very insightful and thought-provoking questions. These often caused me to reflect more deeply on the various questions, which resulted in me providing improvements to the book’s content. It’s exciting to see that the book has been completed. It’s been great to work with Jan and his team. I hope he sees the value he expects to provide the people and industry in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Bravo!”

With the release of this translation, JAN SVOBODA is looking to expand its connections while also working directly with Beaumont. According to Svoboda, his company is currently developing an international business-to-business e-commerce portal with a focus on having suppliers all in one place. Still under development, this technology would provide an easier way to make requests for products and services such as MeltFlipper®.

Runner and Gating Design Handbook: Tools for Successful Injection Molding (third edition) is available now to purchase in English, German, and the Czech language.

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MeltFlipper® Used in Over 12 Billion Parts for Customer

Beaumont Technologies, Inc. received a note from Alan Rude, Two Shot Leader / Sr, Process Engineer for ARaymond:

“About 10 years ago, we were introduced to a patented technology called MeltFlipper® from Beaumont Technologies. Beaumont helped us understand the technology by showing us facts about plastic flow, and how it can impact the quality of plastic parts. We have experienced many of the quality issues that Beaumont showed us with other mold case studies. The quality issues were dimensional inconsistencies, under-packed and over-packed cavities, excessive tool wear, and a small process window.

We chose a new 64 cavities fastener mold to incorporate the MeltFlipper® technology. We were looking to reduce runner volume, so we went with a hot runner to cold runner feed system. Beaumont worked with Incoe to incorporate MeltFlipper® in a special hot runner system called Opti-Flo. I consulted with Todd Bresson at Beaumont to help guide us through the process and get the total imbalance to under 3% with all 64 cavities. Beaumont was able to utilize short shot studies with their proprietary software to make minor steel safe changes to the MeltFlipper® design to optimize the runner system.

The mold was built by Precision Die & Machining. We looked at the shot counter, and we have made over 12 BILLION PARTS. Yes, BILLION! This job runs with a larger process window and more consistent part to part dimensions with less tool wear than other jobs without MeltFlipper®. We were also able to run at a faster cycle time versus other non MeltFlipper® jobs. I think it is safe to say that we made our money back on this one.”

Our team at Beaumont loves to see feedback like this. When we hear about the positive impact our MeltFlipper® technology makes for our customers, we know we’re are revolutionizing the injection molding industry.

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Beaumont Welcomes Research & Development Engineer

Recently, Beaumont brought on a new team member: Zach Morton, Research and Development Engineer. Zach is tasked with handling various research projects, under John Beaumont, for the American Injection Molding Institute (AIM) and Beaumont companies. Although he will be working on a variety of projects, Zach’s current focus will be on the advancement of Therma-Flo™.

“Beaumont has achieved so much in such a short time, and history shows it; they’re doing it just right,” says Zach. “I’m grateful to be a part of the R&D team now and I’m excited to begin my professional journey here. This company has an ambition I want to grow in and be a part of, so naturally I want to do my best and make a lasting impact.”

Zach earned his bachelor’s in Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State Behrend this past May. An Erie native, he attended Collegiate Academy for high school. When he’s not at work, Zach enjoys board games and strategy games with friends. He also has various outdoor hobbies and particularly enjoys spending time at the beach or on the water.

Welcome to the team Zach! We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring to the role of Research and Development Engineer.

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BAP Expands Material Characterization Division to New Facility

BAP Expands Material Characterization

Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP) is excited to announce we are expanding yet again.

As of June 1st, 2022 our Material Characterization Division, which includes Test Specimen Molding, Therma-flo™, and Moldflow Material Characterization, will be moving to a new facility.

The new location can be found 20 minutes away from the Beaumont headquarters in Erie, PA at:

BAP Material Characterization Division
10524 Crosby Circle
Cranesville, PA 16410

We ask that beginning June 1st, 2022, all shipments related to our Material Characterization team be sent directly to the address above.

This move greatly benefits not only our team, but our customers as well. BAP will now have a facility dedicated to the workflow of material characterization with improved lead times, and additional room for expansion of material characterization specific services.

Our headquarters will also gain room to grow our production services with the move.

We are greatly looking forward to our move and being able to provide better service to our customers.

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BAP Expands with New Tooling Division

As of January 1st, 2022, Beaumont Advanced Processing [BAP], has acquired a new facility located in Sugar Grove, PA dedicated to the new Tooling Division. BAP now has over 7,000 square feet of spaced dedicated to the design and development of precision injection molding tooling.

We now offer a stop shop for mold design, build, process validation, and production for our customers.

In addition, we can provide quick repair options for existing production molds and are able to offer an improved preventative maintenance facility for current production molds.

BAP is now split between three divisions – the Tooling Division, the Material Characterization Division, and the Molding Division.

Contact Us for more information.

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Beaumont Employee makes Pro Debut as Triathlete

Run, Matt. Run.

One of Beaumont’s employees is doing big things outside of the injection molding world.

Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Quality Manager, Matt McWilliams, recently made his professional in-person triathlon debut in Miami, FL at the Challenge Miami event.

Our very own “Clark Kent” placed 19th, finishing only 11 minutes behind the winner (who is considered to be the top competitor in the sport globally).

Prior to the race, Matt sat down with Bob Babba on Breakfast with Bob to discuss the triathlon and how he came to be in the sport.

“I’ve been running since high school, and just after high school my cross country coach said ‘hey during summers if you want to mix it up, maybe try a triathlon’ …so I just jumped into a sprint race with a regular road bike… I had a lot of fun and that kind of hooked me from there.”

To see the interview in full, visit here.

We are all excited to watch Matt continue to compete and improve. With his natural ability and out of this world work ethic, we know big things are coming his way.

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Beaumont Unites Research, Education, Industry Under One Roof

Beaumont Technologies Inc. has moved into a 40,000-square-foot building that links the firm’s education efforts through the American Injection Molding Institute, research, material characterization, simulation expertise, and real-world part design and molding.

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Alex Beaumont Featured in Panel at Molding 2018 Conference

During the Molding 2018 Conference in Long Beach, CA, Alex Beaumont joined a panel of other plastics professionals in an attempt to dissect the industry’s challenges to find, train, and retain employees.

While no clear cut solutions appeared easily available, Alex was able to add valuable information on the topic and further explain the importance of collaborating with others to bring new talent to the industry.

Also on the Panel were Rao Neelam (Comar), Jason Holbrook (KraussMaffei), John Berg (Sussex IM), and Michael Engler (AMA Plastics).


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