Amerimold 2015 Recap

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Amerimold is a tradeshow, technical conference, and networking event that brings together both mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding industries. It was held on June 17th-18th in Rosemont, IL.

President John Beaumont gave a presentation titled, “The Science of Runner Design”.It was well attended with over 60 molders, mold designers, mold builders, and other professionals.  The presentation emphasized how today’s injection molding industry applies very little science to the design of runners in injection molds and the types of problems resulting from that practice. Due to the extremely complex interaction of the polymer and the mold, the industry far too often relies on legacy design methods and old “industry art”. John wanted people to question why the industry considers it normal for injection molds to fail, as well as explain that scientifically designing the runners is one of the most significant ways to counteract this.

In addition to John’s presentation, Beaumont also exhibited at the show. Regional Sales Managers Kevin Rottinghaus and Todd Bresson managed the booth and engaged people in great conversations about Beaumont’s technologies and services, as well as the new education initiative, The American Injection Molding Institute.



“I felt the Amerimold show was excellent- both attendees and exhibitors left feeling that the show was valuable,” said John Beaumont. “The size of the show allowed for attendees to become engaged with exhibitors, like ourselves, and better understand what we were all about. With Beaumont, we had great conversations regarding our MeltFlipper® technologies and Moldflow® simulation services. The new plastics certification program offered by the American Injection Molding Institute was very well received. More and more companies are recognizing the need for higher level educational programs and the value they bring to their company.”

The show was a great success and Beaumont would like to thank everyone that attended John’s presentation or stopped by the booth!