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The Beaumont family of companies, including Beaumont Technologies, Beaumont Development, Beaumont Advanced Processing, and the American Injection Molding Institute, exists with the mission of revolutionizing the plastic injection molding industry.

We help companies improve their molding and engineering processes through manufacturing, education, and consultative support.

We service OEMs, tool shops, material suppliers, and nearly all other companies involved in the development or manufacture of injection molded plastic parts.

If you have a problem or question, we probably have an answer.




Beaumont’s Products and Services


Our injection molding services can help you with your production, development, launch, validation, and troubleshooting. ISO 9001:2016, 13485:2016, Class 8 Cleanroom.


Beaumont is the only location in the world that offers Autodesk Moldflow simulation analysis, software training, material characterization, and software sales under one roof.


Beaumont’s American Injection Molding Institute provides unrivaled injection molding education and training, including training for processors, Moldflow analysts, and engineers.


Custom runner designs scientifically proven to eliminate common injection molding issues, backed by a satisfaction guarantee.


Evaluate the injection molding characteristics of a polymer melt under actual molding conditions with Therma-flo injection molding analysis software.


Our proprietary – and FREE – Molding Genius software identifies and quantifies root causes for filling imbalances in multi-cavity injection molding tools.




Andrew Clouse, Manager: Production, Manufacturing, & Tooling

“Beaumont never ceases to improve their methods and support, and are always staying ahead of the industry. Their innovation and training helps lead Nifco America to success by combining new technology with a skilled work force. Nifco’s success has definitely been attributed to Beaumont’s excellent involvement with prompt and thorough support of our manufacturing output.”


Don Makowski, Design Engineer

“I was amazed at the amount of expertise and knowledge presented in just two days. Many myths were debunked, numerous scientific explanations for the way we should be thinking about plastic flow were given, and various real-world examples were used to show how plastic flows.”


Spencer Dahl, VP of Product, Director of Finance

“The DECKED product department has seen tremendous benefits from working with Beaumont. Their Moldflow experts have played a key role in diagnosing issues we were having with an existing tool and provided a number of suggestions on ways to get more consistent parts off the press. They’ve also been critical in helping us evaluate mold layout options for a major new product initiative and we’re confident that their guidance will help us reduce both cycle time and the number of costly mold changes we have to make. We’d spent a number of years looking for experts to help us simulate low-pressure molding processes and Beaumont are far and away the best in the business. We’re excited to continue partnering with them to bring more products to market in the future.”

New Concept Technology

Joshua Smith, Design Engineer

“We engaged Beaumont for a very specific issue after our tool was built. Their analysis, expertise, and recommendations on our specific process conditions greatly shortened our time to market by eliminating our usual trial and error loops based on “gut feel” and targeted the heart of the problem based on “science”.”


Russ Wolff, Business Development Manager

“Of all the training seminars that I have attended over the past 10 years, this one ranks at the top! The explanations of clamp tonnage, cooling strategies, viscosity, and key mold design components are just a few of the takeaways that will be very useful in my job function.”


Curt Corte, Senior Tooling Engineer

“I know there are several options available with regard to [Moldflow] training but I chose Beaumont because of their practical use and understanding of polymer flow characteristics. The trip across the country was well worth the effort. Jennifer Schmidt did an outstanding job providing classroom instruction that included detailed explanations, one-on-one guidance for those difficult questions and interjected her “real world” experiences that were invaluable in understanding and operating the software to its maximum potential. I can’t say enough good about this training!”

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