Molding Simulation Services

Beaumont Technologies is a Certified Expert Moldflow® Insight Consultant. We offer a full range molding simulation services.

Certified Expert

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Molding Simulation Services
Part filling Analysis

A part filling analysis can help to determine the optimal fill time, pressure and clamp requirements, and predict any potential filling issues, such as: short shots, hesitation, sink marks, air traps and weld lines.



Molding Simulation Services

Gates: Locations/Number/Sizes

We can help determine the number and best possible location(s) to produce optimum parts. Proper gate placement is crucial for balanced filling of the part, minimizing potential molding defects, as well as reducing the potential for warp.


cooling layout optimizationCooling Layout Optimization

This service evaluates and optimizes the cooling channel design to minimize temperature variations and provide efficient cooling. This is essential for optimal part quality, lowering cycle times, and eliminating a source for warp.


warp analysisWarp Analysis

A warp analysis will analyze the part and mold design, material, and processing conditions, to predict the direction and approximate magnitude the part will shrink and warp. The results can be broken down into the thermal, orientation, and volumetric effects so that the analyst can focus on the main cause(s) and recommend solutions to reduce the potential for deflection.


runner-sizingRunner Design and Sizing

We can help optimize the size of runners and gates to minimize material volume without exceeding pressure requirements, while also ensuring adequate packing ability for the part.

cae-weld-line-air-trap-locationsWeld line and Air Trap Locations

This analysis output identifies air trap and weld line locations, as well as possible related defects. If these problems cannot be eliminated, the analysis can aid in strategically locating the weld lines and air traps so it can then be corrected by means of mold design strategies.


cae-family-moldsFamily Molds

Family molds are improved by using simulation to find the ideal process settings and runners sizes to provide the best possible configuration for balanced filling of all cavities.



process-conditionsOptimum Process Conditions

We can determine and evaluate the optimal injection time range, melt/mold temperatures, packing settings and other variables and their effects on part quality and warpage. This data can also provide a suitable starting point during the initial mold sampling.


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