MeltFlipper®Control shrinkage and warpage of molded parts and eliminate product variations in multi-cavity molds with MeltFlipper®

Beaumont’s patented MeltFlipper® options  provide the first and only means of controlling material property variations between cavities and also within a cavity. This surprisingly low-cost technology provides a robust and near maintenance-free advancement in molding, boasting a unique control of plastic part shrinkage & warpage, faster time to market, shorter cycle timeslarger process windows, tighter tolerance control, and improved part quality. Upfront or retrofit solutions are available for most types of runner systems and plastic materials.

What is MeltFlipper? 

A patented in-mold method and process that controls the significant melt variations that naturally develop in the runner of all injection molds.

For a more in-depth explanation of the fundamentals of plastics flow and how it contributes to MeltFlipper technology, please click on this PDF: 
Plastic Flow Fundamentals pdf

How does it work?

Our runner design techniques use strategic elevation and directional changes in the runner to control where and how the material will flow.

Will MeltFlipper work in my existing mold? 

Yes, it works in new and existing molds. Click the link to learn about different MeltFlipper® Options.

Can the same MeltFlipper design be used for different molds?

Unfortunately, no. MeltFlipper is a customized design and is licensed on a per mold basis.

Does MeltFlipper work with all runner shapes? 

Yes, however, full round or parabolic shaped runners are always recommended. Click here to learn more about runner shapes.

What is the lead time for MeltFlipper? 

The lead time for MeltFlipper Design Services is approximately 3-5 business days. The lead time for MeltFlipper inserts is approximately 2-6 weeks depending on the insert type, availability, and demand. Contact us for current lead times.

What is the MeltFlipper guarantee? 

If the MeltFlipper Service does not perform as expected for a given mold, we will refund the MeltFlipper Service cost 100% or you may transfer the cost to another mold per the terms of the EULA. 

Click here to watch videos to see how MeltFlipper® works


  • Shorter cycle times
  • Larger process windows
  • Improved part quality
  • Tighter tolerance control
  • Eliminate cosmetic defects
  • Decrease in mold commissioning/debug time

Delivering Value and ROI

Full cavity utilization, in hand with energy and scrap reductions, has enabled some of our clients to generate more than $100,000 in savings in a single year. Key features of our MeltFlipper® technologies are:

exl ROI Calculation (231 KB)
Compare Before & After scenarios of using MeltFlipper®.

  • Easy-to-install mold inserts that eliminate the need for license agreement
  • Single-axis or multi-axis control based on the requirements for a given application

Still confused as to which solution can help your specific application?


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