Test Specimen Molding

Beaumont’s test specimen molding is held to nothing less than the industry’s highest standards.

At Beaumont Advanced Processing, we realize that the properties of plastic materials are significantly influenced by how they are molded and handled. With this in mind, we have developed a high precision molding cell dedicated to producing plastic test specimens to the highest standards in the industry. Additionally we recognize that different companies have different needs regarding their test specimens. In response, Beaumont provides four different levels of test specimen molding services to our customers.

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Our Strategy

  • Quick turnarounds- average job time is 2- days after receiving material
  • Test specimens are molded from standalone tooling
  • No family molds are utilized
  • Performed on high-precision Sodick molding machines- These machines use a two-stage screw to plunger plastification-injection system, providing extremely precise plastification and injection control of the plastics melt
  • Prior to molding, hygroscopic polymers are dried to manufactures recommended conditions. Appropriate moisture levels are verified with a Computrac Vapor-pro system.
  • Test Specimens are molded using material supplier recommended mold and melt temperatures.
  • Mold filling and pack are optimized per BAP’s scientific approach to injection molding.

Our Products

Tensile, Flex, Izod Impact, Multi-Axial impact, surface hardness, thermal oxidative stability, heat deflection. Additional specimens are available upon request.

Sample Options

Beaumont Advanced Processing offers four test specimen molding levels. These four levels allow the customer to select the requirements that meet their specific needs. Regardless of the level, all samples are molded to the same high standards. Additionally, if the need arises for repeat material testing, or additional material comparisons, we guarantee the parts will be processed under the same conditions as the previous order. Verification documentation is available.

Level 1: Press screen shots supplied with specimens

Level 2: Level 1+ Cavity Pressure Data

Level 3: Level 2 + Press readouts for each shot from the production run

Level 4: Level 3+ individually bagged test specimens with correlating shot number