Injection molding and all related services are performed by Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP). Beaumont Advanced Processing is a division of Beaumont Technologies, Inc. BAP offers a wide range of injection molding services that take the mold troubleshooting and production headaches away from our customers. All samplings and production runs are setup based on scientific injection molding principles.

Building on our core products, Beaumont will implement our Rheological Control technologies and CAE mold filling simulation services as needed to resolve your typical injection molding problems upfront. Our team of plastics engineers has extensive real-world experience with injection molding, CAE mold filling software, product development, mold design and part design, and quality control.

Our presses range from 3 U.S. Tons to 150 U.S. Tons, and they support shot sizes from 0.1 oz to 6.8 oz.

Beaumont’s injection molding services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mold sampling and qualification
  • Process debug
  • Balance analysis and troubleshooting
  • Test Specimen Molding
  • Production runs, including short-run production needs
  • RCS™ technology implementation
  • CAE mold filling simulation implementation

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