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The inventor and exclusive provider of MeltFlipper®, Therma-flo™ and other industry innovations. Beaumont Technologies has grown to be the premier resource for engineering consulting, material testing, MoldFlow® simulation services and educational opportunities to the injection molding industry.


Patented/Proprietary Runner Design Solutions guaranteed to eliminate the imbalance in multi-cavity tools and fix defects in even single cavity tools.


The preferred Expert Certified Moldflow® consultant and trainer in North America. Offering a full range of plastic injection molding simulation services.


From Moldflow Material characterization, to test specimen molding, to Beaumont’s proprietary Therma-flo test.


Beaumont’s sister company, the AIM Institute offers a higher level educational opportunity through a very wide variety of course offerings.


Beaumont’s 5-Step process – designed to identify and quantify reasons for imbalances in multi-cavity injection molding tools.


Product Development guidance that implements industry leading principles from concept through production molding.

At Beaumont Technologies we question everything

Advancing the plastics industry through scientific methods

We question the arts, myths and traditions on which far too many industry practices are based.

Leading a paradigm shift within the plastics industry

We know that understanding shear induced melt variations requires the transition of widely accepted scientific understandings.

Revolutionizing the plastics industry

Our unique knowledge in managing polymer melts provides us the opportunity to serve as agents of change in plastics and other fields as well.




Don Makowski – CAPLUGS®

Design Engineer

I found this Beaumont course very informative. I was amazed at the amount of expertise and knowledge presented in just two days. Many myths were debunked, numerous scientific explanations for the way we should be thinking about plastic flow were given, and various real-world examples were used to show how plastic flows.

Joshua Smith- New Concept Technology

Design Engineer

“We engaged Beaumont for a very specific issue after our tool was built. Their analysis, expertise and recommendations on our specific process conditions greatly shortened our time to market by eliminating our usual trial and error loops based on “gut feel” and targeted the heart of the problem based on “science”.”

Russ Wolff – THOGUS®

business development manager

Of all the training seminars that I have attended over the past 10 years, this one ranks at the top! The explanations of clamp tonnage, cooling strategies, viscosity, and key mold design components are just a few of the takeaways that will be very useful in my job function.

At Beaumont, we’ve earned a reputation for challenging accepted standards in plastic flow, mold design and the injection molding process.

Paradigm Shift: Part 1

This is first video in the Paradigm Shift series featuring President and CEO, John Beaumont, who talks about recent changes in the plastics industry.

Paradigm Shift, Part 2

In this second video in the Paradigm Shift series President and CEO, John Beaumont, reflects upon paradigm shifts throughout plastics and injection molding history.

Paradigm Shift, Part 3

In this last video in the Paradigm Shift series President and CEO, John Beaumont, talks about innovations and methodology changes in the injection molding industry.

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